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Zimmy's Zoo
About Us


   Zimmy's Zoo  will be at the Shipshewana Flea Market - Row 20, Booths 681, the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth, IN., over Labor Day Weekend and the Covered Bridge Festival in Mansfield, IN. , in October.

 3198 Channelwood Ln., Bremen, IN 46506.

For more information, call
(574) 298-2648(cell) or (574) 546-2682


My E-mail addresses have changed:



Fax: 1-574-546-2168

It's been a memorable journey since 1995 when I was manager for the soda fountain and grill at Amish Acres. One day, I simply decided that was enough and it was time for a new beginning. I looked around and was ready to go! With a ready made arts and crafts market, I started hauling a few products in an S10 pickup truck and selling in a small tent.  In time, I moved up to a cargo van pulling a 16-foot trailer.  Then I went to a 50' half walk through building at the Shipshewana Flea Market.

We have a 20" x 25" building to display the entire Willow Tree line.

Behold the boundless spirit of American independence!