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Zimmy's Zoo presents
Language of Flower Angels


$7.00 each

Unfortunately our Language Flower Angels have been discontinued so please call to see what is still available.

Order Form
Only $12.95 each 

Sweet Peas for Fond Farewell
Size:  2.25" x 4"  x 6.25"

"Goodbye" is so final, too much an end: just bid me "Farewell" that we might meet again.

Violas for Loving Thoughts
Size:  3.25" x 2.5"  x 5.25"

The stars will all grow dim before my heart turns from you.

Shooting Stars for Young Love
Size:  2.5" x 3.75"  x 6.5"

Gentle blush... first kiss... starry eyes... tender bliss.

Forget-Me-Nots for Remembrance
Size:  4.5" x 3"  x 5.5"

Amidst the noise of future days, when all else surrounds and encumbers, in a stolen moment of quiet - remember me and smile.

Wild Roses for Happiness
Size:  3.25" x 3.5"  x 6.5"

A heart full of happiness overflows its bounds and shares its sweet fragrance in joyful abandon.

Bluebells for Humility
Size:  4.5" x 3"  x 6"

Beauty rises from a humble place of dignity and quiet grace. Oft shadowed by a brighter light, the servant's heart brings true delight.

Periwinkles for Friendship
Size:  3" x 3.5"  x 4.75"

Friendship is a simple treasure - a little jewel that makes every day beautiful.

Buttercups for Cheerfulness
Size:  2.25" x 4.25"  x 6.5"

A merry heart brightens the spirits of all who walk in its light.

Snowdrops for Hope
Size:  4.5" x 2.75"  x 5.5"

Underneath the frozen earth lies the promise of rebirth. So lift your weary heart and sing, knowing that soon come the spring.

Strawberries for Goodness
Size:  3.25" x 3.25"  x 6.25"

A simple kindness, tender s a flower, carries on its gentle wing true and lasting joy.

Lilies-of-the-Valley for Purity
Size:  3" x 4.5"  x 6.25"

Oh for the eyes of innocence to see the good in everything.