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Zimmy's Zoo presents
Willow Tree
Angel Collection

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Even though the angels on this page say they are retired they are still in stock.

Angel of Harmony

"In Harmony with life's Rhythm"

Angel of Friendship

"For Those who share the Spirit of Friendship"

Bright Star

"Reflecting a light from within"

Loving Angel

"Love, pure and simple"

Angel of Prayer

"For Those who Believe in the Power of Prayer"


"With joyful anticipation"

Thank You

"Appreciating your kindness"

Angel of Miracles

"Trusting in life's everyday miracles."

Angel of Caring

"Always there; listening with a willing ear and an open heart"

Angel of Wishes

"May you always hold on to your dreams."

Angel's Embrace

"Hold Close That Which we Hold Dear"


Angel of Happiness

"FREE to sing, laugh, dance . . . . celebrate!"

Angel of Light



"Shining a light of happiness"

Angel of Courage

"Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage"     Courage has been re-born to be a reminder of people who inspire us with their strength and courage everyday.



"Calm the soul, free the spirit"

Angel of Learning(retired)

"For Those who Delight in the Joy of Learning"

Angel of the Spirit

"Nurturing the Spirit, Inside and Out"

Angel of Healing

"For Those Who Give Comfort With Caring and Tenderness"

Guardian Angel

"May you always have an Angel to watch over you."

Angel of Summer(retired)

"Reflecting the Happiness of Sunshine"



Angel of Autumn(retired)

"An Abundant Harvest of Thanks"


The Dancer

"Creative expression comes from within"

Dreaming Angel

"Guarding your hopes and dreams"

Angel of the Garden

"Bringing forth a garden of hope and beauty"

Angel of Good Health

"An abundance of health and happiness"

Angel of the Kitchen

"Warm comfort between friends"

Sign for Love Angel

"I love you"

Welcoming Angel(retired)



"Greeting all with gracious hospitality"

With Affection Angel

"I love our friendship"


With Love



"You are loved"


Just for You



"With sincere thanks"

Thinking of You



"Keeping you close in my thoughts"

a tree, a prayer



"May you find strength, beauty and peace each day"

Angel of Hope



Each day, hope anew

Angel of Freedom



"Allowing dreams to soar"

Beautiful Wishes



Memories...hold each one safely in your heart.

(2011)You're the Best



Thank you for making a difference.




Friendship brings the sun...and flowers bloom!




Memories...hold each one safely in your heart

26439 Around You