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Zimmy's Zoo presents
Willow Tree
Figurine Collection

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A unique love that transcends the years"
Mother and Daughter

Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and daughters"
Heart and Soul

Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends"

Treasuring a rare, quiet and tender moment of motherhood"

"For those who have found their true partner in love and life"
Welcoming Spirit(retired)

Expressing warmth and welcome to all who enter your home"

Bridging generations with ageless love"
New Life

Celebrating the miracle of new life"
Father and Daughter

Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters"
Sisters by Heart

Celebrating a treasured friendship of sharing and understanding"
Father and Son

Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and sons"

Quietly encircled by love"


Awaiting a Miracle"

Nativity Collection

The Three Wiseman

"They followed the star to the Light of the world"

Nativity Collection

6-Piece Nativity

"Behold the awe and wonder of the Christmas story"

Stars are not included in nativity set.

Nativity Collection

Metal Star Backdrop

Nativity Collection

Ox and Goat

# 26180


Offering warmth & protection


The entire Nativity Scene includes:

Nativity, Wiseman, Stables, Creche,1 set of stars, angel stand and 1 reg. praying angel and Ox & Goat.  Special price for purchasing 

   the entire set at one time is $366.95.

Nativity Collection




Purchase any two or more sets at one time (which includes: Nativity, Wiseman, Stables and Creche, you get a set of stars FREE!  Ox & Goat must be purchased with one of the larger sets to get the stars free.

Nativity Collection

 Angel Stand


Nativity Collection

 Shepherd and Stables

"Surrounding new life with love and warmth"

New Dad



"In awe and wonder of  what's to come"



Mother & Son



"Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and sons"

Peace on Earth



"An embrace of Peace

Angel of Mine



"So loved, so very loved"




"Hold dear the promise of love"




"Protect and cherish; give wings to fly"

Friendship (no wings)



"Friendship is the sweetest gift"






"I'm so grateful for your friendship"




"Hero, we honor thee, keeping safe your memory"




"Joy frees the spirit"




"Love, everlasting and true"




"A blessing of Peace"




"Kept forever in the heart"

Heart of Gold



"You will always have my heart"

Two Alike



"Celebrating a unique harmony"



The Three Blessings(retired)



"May the blessings of peace, love and joy be a presence in your life"

Peace, Love and Joy are each packaged individually within the larger box.


5" Display Shelves(retired)


1 shelf - $12.95







13 in. high








Hope Lifts us Up!

Birthday Girl



"Celebrate your day!"

Love of Learning



"Open books, open minds"







"Making memories that last lifetimes"




"You shine so brightly!"




"Always I will remember. . "

Child of My Heart



"Child of the world, Into my heart you came - Bringing sun into my life, Making family our name."

Mia Casa



"Mia casa is su casa,

My house is your house"




"A lifelong love of learning"

The Christmas Story



Size: 15" tall


Her name is Mary

His name is Joseph

The baby, Jesus

The Christmas Story






Purchase both

The Christmas Story

Statues & Sanctuary for


Our Gift



Our bright, joyful gift!


Miss You



In my thoughts, in my heart




Love ever endures

Brother and Sister



By my side

Two Together



Love in abundance

Healing Grace



May a quiet strength bring

you grace




Each day, unexpected blessings

Close to me



Apart or together, always close to me

Joyful Child



...nurtured by your loving care

2010 Ornament(out)



May hope and joy abound

Angel Love



So happy to love and be loved

Je t'aime(I Love You)



In any language, it's you I love

My Girls



Looking at you, I see wonder, joy, strength

Surrounded by Love



Abundant love surrounds you

Truly Golden



Your friendship is truly golden

Spirit of Giving



Generosity is your shining gift

Free Spirit



Dancing through life with laughter

Kindness (boy)



Above all, kindness

Kindness (girl)



Above all, kindness




Seek, explore, discover




Love and protect thee, forever

Birthday Boy



Celebrate your day!


Willow Tree Tri-Step Riser



Multi-Step Pedestal Displayer


Joyful Child



.......nurtured by your loving care

Thoughtful Child



......nurtured by your loving care

Spirited Child



.....nurtured by your loving care

Inquisitive Child



.....nurtured by your loving care

Imaginative Child



......nurtured by your loving care

Caring Child



.....nurtured by your loving care




Shelves are adjustable to fit most Willow Tree figurines and angels.  Hanger style, keyhole.

Coordinating Shelf - Set of 2



Hanger style, keyhole

Irish Charm



May luck and laughter light your days!

Beautiful Wishes



A gathering of beautiful wishes for you-love, health, happiness

With My Grandmother



The best gift is time spent with you

(2011)Welcome Here



To all who enter, welcome here




Together, our family is home

(2011)The Quilt



Sleep my child and peace...peace...

Covered in love and keep...keep...

Around You
...just the nearness of you


Figures can be grouped in meaningful ways to reflect relationships between parents and children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren...any and all types of families.  Select pieces that best resemble your family and create your own unique sculpture.